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  1. blake xoxo

    EDIT: What's left
  2. blake xoxo

    Will do
  3. blake xoxo

    I might buy it
  4. blake xoxo

    Hey. Just wanted to tell you guys that i'm going to resign/quit. The reason behind it is simple. I'm not motivated to log into gs anymore... Yet alone, be a staff member. Spring is finally here and my free time goes into other stuff. It's been a cool 7 months and i'm grateful for it. I'm sure that i will hop on every now and then to check how's the server doing. Thanks for the staff team for giving me the opportunity. Anyway.. good luck everyone and take care ❤. Signing off. -Blake
  5. blake xoxo

    You might just live in a different timezone m8, im not sure. But im in daily Thanks though.
  6. blake xoxo

    Countered those pvp bugs myself. Thanks for the thread, let's hope for the best.
  7. blake xoxo

    It's done. (No tomes used) PS: Lou, feel free to add more xp
  8. blake xoxo

    Not at home atm, but keelow, did u try it aswell, or just saw it show the *.
  9. blake xoxo

    That's fabulous
  10. blake xoxo

    Congrats! Much love.
  11. blake xoxo

    What made it hilarious, was that we said them all at the same time
  12. blake xoxo

    I agree bloodystuph. Kinda tired of void at this point. Void needs a nerf.
  13. blake xoxo

  14. blake xoxo

    Just to clarify , do i have the recruiter rank? I have something in game, but not sure what it is to be honest.
  15. blake xoxo

    Blake Xoxo
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