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    † Current Display Name: Brutal Karma † Combat Level & Total Level: My combat lvl on Brutal Karma is 126 and his total level is 2073, and on my nh pure "Pure Karma" i am combat lvl 75 with a total level of 395. † What type of build do you play: I have two accounts so my main, "Brutal Karma" is a maxed account, except for prayer atm(which is 91 so its okay ). For my second account "Pure Karma", his build is a 50 attack strength pure with overheads. † What's your Timezone & Region:I live in Western Canada so my timezone is Mountain Standard time. † Have you been in any previous Clans & Reason for Leaving: A loooong time ago, i was in a weapons game clan but i haven't been in a pking clan before. † Do you have Discord: Yes. † Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself: Well my names Carsen! I don't have a lot of pking experience but since i'm maxed now i can put a lot of time and effort into improving my bank and developing my pking skills. I think it's really exciting to think of myself in a pking clan, to be part of a more.. say internalized community. To be able to be best i can be is all i want to achieve if i do get accepted. † Do you agree to follow all clan rules & understand our ranking system: Of course. I will follow any rules for the clan and the ranking system that leadership deems fit for the clan.
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