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  1. Dreamzz

    Congratz brother you deserved this!!!
  2. never have seen you in-game however goodluck on appl
  3. Dreamzz

    Nice list i would love to see this ingame :)
  4. Dreamzz

    Goodluck everyone and have fun in pking
  5. i support this now yes goodluck on it
  6. Dreamzz

    Sad to see you resign also brother! you did a goodjob as OMM!! you were one of the best mm's in game thanks for the hard work and see you around
  7. Dreamzz

    It's time for me to resign... just because i have things to handle in real life!! it was a great adventure to be a part of the staff team! i will thank the staff team to let me join the team! was fun done alot i will not quit i will just be back when im less stressed thanks for understanding! Dreamzz
  8. Dreamzz

    Sad to see you go but goodluck in the future
  9. Dreamzz

    Nice conceps goodluck on it
  10. I don't know you also never seen you doing trust trades myself. but nice application. goodluck anyways
  11. Dreamzz

    Welcome and very nice set up:)
  12. Dreamzz

    Awesome brother! i like this! thanks for making this
  13. Dreamzz

    Nice work Lou thanks for the update keep up the good work boys
  14. Dreamzz

    Very Nice brother!!! keep it up
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