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  1. Dreamzz

    Sounds fun! good luck on ur adventure! wish you all of the luck to get everything done bro And remember to kniel voor Zod!!
  2. Dreamzz

    Nevarykit nice to see you back i kinda remember you from back then -Dreamzz
  3. Dreamzz

    Even when you aren't a student also add it
  4. Dreamzz

    Nice Guide
  5. Dreamzz

    Nice thanks
  6. Dreamzz

    Well i should be in this tourny soo add me up
  7. In-game Name(s): Dreamzz & Agility Ftw Age: 24 Timezone: +1 GMT Will you be active?: Yes. How much do you usually play per day?: ATM 14 hours+ Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I'm very friendly, trying to help when i can! also i'm helping people since im back here and i'm and old player! and i would like to be a part of the community to help them as a Middleman! Any other information: I know i'm just back on the sever but already very active and helping alot! around i will stay active!
  8. Requesting rank: Veteran (oldgen rank) XD Primary rank(Yes/No) yes Proof: around since 2008
  9. Dreamzz

    † Current Display Name: Dreamzz † Combat Level & Total Level: not finished atm † What type of build do you play: main atm † What's your Timezone & Region: +1 Amsterdam-berlin † Have you been in any previous Clans & Reason for Leaving: ROT Clan on osrs and back in the days on here with zod † Do you have Discord: yes † Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself: just started with GS again † Do you agree to follow all clan rules & understand our ranking system yes
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