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  1. In-game Name(s): Fishy, Classic. Age: 25. Timezone: Eastern USA New York. Will you be active?: Yes i am Close to 50 hours a week. How much do you usually play per day?: 6 - 24 hours a day depends on the day. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: this game motivate's me daily which constantly gives me the willpower to help others in need my brain use's the term become number one on grinderscape as a alternative function since 2012 is when i started playing this game an i don't plan on throwing in the towl soon i wish to help the community an embrace its needs in every way possible my patience is unreal with everyone in this game at least toward's some of its typical everyday content i strive to make this a better community a better home for all of us much more there shouldn't be allowed any scammers in dice in game so there should always be an middleman to take an opportunity to help others an make it a better community thank you!. Any other information: I did the biggest trust trade with tbow with his whole bank as the picture is below don't even know him from the get go anywhere just met him i Middleman some trades between dicers while tbow an dreamzz where watching me middleman 500 million+ bets that's all i have for now but it will only let me upload one picture sadly is what the limit said on the web page so i cannot upload all my info but to whomever it concerns i will send you some more pictures of me middleman for others pm me on discord Fishy#9081.
  2. Fishy

    Cant sleep i roll over i have a black cat an this is honestly how i feel br0 12 hours of gameplay getting back on after going to sleep at 12pm now its 2am
  3. Fishy

    thank you everyone for your support welcoming me back
  4. Fishy

    thank you for the warm welcome i hope to get around to talking to all 3 of you !.
  5. Fishy

    i have been around since 2012 grinderscape just now returning with my original name so if anyone remembers me hmu also im 24 years old my birthday is 4/20 coolest birthday ever ikr lol anyways to get to the point i have also been around since the beginning of the reset cause who tf would take the name fishy an not use it? i just ended up with this name because i was a lieutenant rank for fishy back in the gambling days in 2013 for fishy's Friends chat in rs3 i paid 1.5b for the rank an i respected but no im not the actual fishy just letting you know that now thank you and i will be active in game more often now i am a Registered nurse irl so i havent had time to play grinderscape i had my account in game but i never created a forums account until now i am married i have 2 kids also but literally hmu ig or forums ttyl...
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