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  1. Well I guess I'd like to have the Ex Co-owner rank, wasn't sure if the veteran staff counts for ex-staff either. Been a long time!
  2. Sven

    Hi! Now that I've complimented you and got your attention, I'd like to ask if you got any places to learn coding, willing to pay for a course but maybe you've had some lessons or previous courses you've followed? Let me know, interested in any language that has a future. ~Sven
  3. Sven

    Have you tried using a VPN (different IP), turning your firewall off. What have you tried other than updating Java?
  4. Sven

    Just got back. don't really know you but I am sure that you deserve your promotion. Make us proud!
  5. Hello! Some of you might remember me, some of you might not. Some of you might not feel okay about me here, but let's just start all clean and lets be friends! My name is Sven, I am 23 years old but I was around 11-12 when I started playing and I never regret any moment of it. I am ex staff member of Grinderscape (Moderator, Administrator.. Co-Owner) and I've seen Grinderscape go through it's brightest days to it's darkest times. Yet both Grinderscape and Lou are still here which is amazing to see. I've been keeping track of Grinderscape ever since I quit, it's just something I can't let go for some reason, I don't play regular Runescape, it's not addiction. It's just a place where everything changed for me and I like to check back on it and I am beyond proud to see what it has become! Meeting people like Zod, Kristen, Flower, Lou, Andrew, Pencil, That Guy... Oh, I wish I could name them all (sorry if I forgot any of you ) and meet them again just to have a little chat would be amazing Grinderscape changed a lot for me back in the days, it was my go-to place whenever I needed somewhere to chill or just talk and let go of real life every one in a while. So here I am, not saying that I'll play actively but I will visit a lot in-game, Discord and on the Forums! Nice seeing you all here, nice seeing Grinderscape back around! ~Sven
  6. Hello lads, It has been a while, I've been checking out the website and in-game every once in a while and I think it's time for me to involve again into the community and have chats with people who I have been since back then. I've had a lot of ranks, not even sure which I had, donated quite a lot.. ex co-owner.. staff whatever. Please comment the available ranks and I'll try to pin-point the ones I had. ~Sven
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