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    sick event bro cheers goodluck all!
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  3. N0 Kids

    congratulations man, 100% deserved.
  4. N0 Kids

    nice topics/points.
  5. N0 Kids

    +1 I completely agree with this. my input, the ones who don't have time anymore because obviously things change in life and that's understandable should resign from there position, And pick it back up if they get time for the server which is why we are here and promote lower postions to those positions to the people who are most active/helpful. Just my opinions.
  6. N0 Kids

    Thanks G, ayeaye
  7. In-game Name(s): No Kids Age: 23 Timezone: PST Will you be active?:of course, i'm very active! How much do you usually play per day?:6-9 hours a day Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I feel like i deserve to be MM rank because i'm very trustworthy, i have a respectable reputation dicing and, helping people MM when no one actualMM is online, this rank would be very beneficial to me due to being at dicezone 80% of my time online. If i do get this rank, i would focus on making sure everyone on the server is protected from scammers! Any other information: Thank you for considering, Cheers!
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