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  1. Entry Fee

    Pretty simply stated. Im resigning from my position of Ingame Moderator, and will most likely not be playing in game any longer. I've grown distant, and have no interest in it whatsoever. I've made this decision on my own. I still appreciate the discord server enough to remain active there, but I care not for Ingame. [email protected]
  2. Entry Fee

    I am 1 agility. Omega lul
  3. Fishing for upvotes! roll em on in boys and girls!

  4. Had an awful week at work.. Upvote my posts to make me feel better. Thanks guys!

  5. Sup gang, dont forget to Upvote me. Ill Upvote back. ganggang.

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  6. Entry Fee

    I would have literally never found this. 9 Million IQ
  7. Entry Fee

    Man, I still have loads of good shots, and these were probably some of my favorites; @Surreal @Acolyte @Gruntmaster @Brad
  8. Entry Fee

    Dang man, sad this happened. Everyone's luck comes to an end eventually.
  9. Entry Fee

    Upvote4upvote hmu dude. Welcome back. Street cred is hard to come by ya feel me?
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      Boosting crackheads. Reported. If Vutr doesn't do his job, then he's getting demoted. 


      Mod Grinder.

    4. Entry Fee

      Entry Fee

      Vutrs a crackhead himself.

  11. Entry Fee

    Why has @Surreal not received any sort of reward for this? Contributor or GFX Designer Etc.. Guy's too humble to expect any sort of praise for the work he does... He's done so much to help the interior of Grinderscape.
  12. Entry Fee

    I believe I found Grinderscape on TopG back in 2010. I played it over the summer as I was still in school, and didnt have a whole lot of time to play games as much as I wanted to. I got more into it in 2011, and continued to play since then.
  13. Entry Fee

    I appreciate the kind words man. To speak on the part of being complained about. Yea, I have. Ive been a bit irrational and irritated at times, but Im genuinely down to earth, and I like having a laugh. I always try to make it up to any person that I offend. I enjoy being helpful and I enjoy just being part of the community.
  14. Entry Fee

    All 4 of you have done a swell job. I love Valar's trailer feel. It's pretty straight to the point. Definite effort put in to edit the transitions, and add all needed content to make it feel complete. Marwans video jumped right into bossing, and he even got a drop which is always an excitement. David's video was both comedic, entertaining, while also showing off an exclusive part of content for Grinderscape. Mrchristmas went full into depth running us around the world, with commentary, and he put a lot of effort into his video, and I enjoyed this the most. Based on my liking, it was really a hard vote between David, and MrChristmas. Not to discredit the other entries, but my overall vote goes to MrChristmas. I hope this type of content continues. You're a very calm, very swell guy, and your commentaries roll of the tongue. Great work.