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  1. Zod

    Welcome back brother, already spoke in-game, good to see you
  2. Zod

    Thank you very much for the Guide Barry
  3. Zod

    Thanks for the clear screen shots and details on what happened, we'll see what we can do about this.
  4. Zod

    Grammar* Main subject, welcome back Fishy
  5. Zod

    Nice update to the Forums Lou
  6. Zod

  7. Zod

    You'll stay muted I've already told you this, it isn't against the rules to keep you muted? Makes no sense but anyways like I said you're free from jail.
  8. Zod

    100% deserves, amazing person and 100% to the Community! Welcome friend
  9. Zod

    Why you gravedigging for request of rank? …..
  10. Zod

    If I could I would heart react your post haha, it's really good to see you back, Grinderscape isn't the same without you! Hope to see you as much as old times brother, much love
  11. Zod

    No idea how my name got in here but gl all scrub noobs
  12. Amazing haha, just what I wanted in my head, xDDDDDDDD
  13. Text (secondary text is optional) : Oldgen S W A T North Font (optional, just put NA if unsure) : NA Theme : I don't want the background on the image I sent, just the character model please lol. /try to make him look coooler maybe? Idk Colors : Any additional information? :
  14. All I see is... Fixed Fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed, such an amazing update, glad for this
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