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  1. Zod

    Can you give me the link to the YouTube video please? /I'll be talking with some members of Staff about this. Thank you for the report, we'll try resolve it for you.
  2. Zod

    Clean Series for new comers, thanks very much for this content :)/nice video also keep it up!
  3. Zod

    I wish you luck on your challenge you've set out on and enjoy it!
  4. Zod

    Really like this suggestion, gives more options than just BM store.
  5. I agree and would like to see you as Middle-man for the Grinderscape community! Just need to wait for the rank in-game to come into action. Need Kaz/Isaac to agree with this also.
  6. Zod

    Very nice this will help so many players, thanks so much for making this!
  7. Zod

    Very deserved, helps so much welcome to the team brother
  8. Zod

    Very nice start to your first ever Event in-game, hopefully lots of players join!
  9. Zod

    Congratulations, can't wait to see what you pull of with these Events in-game for the community
  10. Good fixes, good content, good shit all round, keep it up dev team/Lou x
  11. Zod

    Hi 78ski, I'm sorry you feel this way about everything so 1st of, you was kicked because their is a bug-null going at the moment which is getting fixed today, basically means people are getting kicked for some type of reason which we have found it was due to duelling at the arena. I see you had a problem with seeking for help from Staff members in-game due to the problem happening which we didn't ignore you for as we had mostly all Staff online and was telling you to calm down because you was being out of line with what you was saying I.E "Why don't Staff help/why are you even Staff" and so on we knew what you was saying so we was trying to help at the time but of course we had no power over the problem you was getting as it was a matter of dev+ only to help with the bug-null. Due to your mute like you said yourself you was "mad and pissed off" obviously that bought you to feel like you could flame members of Staff and abuse rights of language towards us we warned you a couple of times before myself muted you for 3 days which you'll still serve with no doubt. I'm glad to see you're some type of Veteran and all 2012 is great, I'm glad you're still here but you being a "veteran" doesn't give you the power to talk down to Staff the way you did. The first mute I gave you was for spamming in-game a couple days ago which was served for 12 hours and then the time came for me to un-mute you and that's all for that. So since you was abusing your language towards members of Staff you'll keep the 3 day mute, Thank you.
  12. Amazing updates as normal, loving the game more and more, keep it up!
  13. Zod

    Welcome back, I hope to see you in-game!
  14. Amazing update Lou, keep up the great time, so much content for me to do now! Love a good grind