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  1. Zod

    Good luck on your challenges and goals, look forward to seeing how far you can get!
  2. Zod

    Welcome to our new Server Supporter: Legends! always active, stopping everything he does for the community when they need help/OMM, it's an pleasure for sure, welcome again
  3. Zod

    Yeah it's always good to see where players are wanting to go in-game and the future of their accounts/challenges
  4. I like the idea of this, keep up the work you do in-game with helping players/being active and we'll go from there
  5. Keep it up @Death I do notice you helping players and being active
  6. Zod

    We have decided to promote @Keelow to Server Supporter! He's doing an amazing job in-game, always helping/active, excited to see what comes from this! Your 2 week trial starts now, have fun and enjoy
  7. Zod

    Welcome back @Kazuhira!
  8. Zod

    Great news, great person in general, welcome!
  9. Zod

    Congratulations to our new Moderator in-game: Barry! He's doing an amazing job, always active and helping, keep up the great work!
  10. Great update, keep up the work team
  11. Zod

    Very nice, love seeing new collectors, welcome to the club lol
  12. Nice update development team and Lou and everybody who helped, keep it up
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