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  1. Zod

    No sorry that wouldn't be fair on other players
  2. Zod

    RIP to all the renders, I feel for you
  3. Zod

    I'm sorry but Veteran rank is by playing since 2008-2015
  4. Decided that you're not fit enough for this position at this current time
  5. Zod

    Nice work, shame you lost all your designs/gfx, amazed you didn't have them all saved on an USB
  6. Zod

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay! > ::staff < in-game if you need any support
  7. Zod

    Welcome back, enjoy your stay, need any help in-game > ::staff
  8. Zod

    Congratulations @lew on reaching Moderator in-game from Server Supporter! You're doing a great job, keep it up (2 week trial) thanks for everything you do!
  9. No, you're a very toxic player and we can't trust that
  10. Zod

    Congratulations to @Surgeon for becoming Server Supporter! He has been an massive help towards the Grinderscape community and is doing amazing and will begin his 2 week trial as usual! Welcome
  11. I support this, I've seen you around, keep it up.
  12. Zod

    Thank you for all the support you've dished out to the community, it's good that you'll stay here though :)(
  13. Zod

    Welcome! Nice setup
  14. I'm not sure how long you've been in-game, I haven't seen you much at all, but it's going to be a no for now.
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