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  1. Malbor

    Where is equality i can't understand...
  2. Malbor

    What do you mean made new acc? My main acc is "malbor" if you talking about "hummel" which is my brother acc he is not playing with my acc and nobody warned me that d bow is overpowered, just banned even didn't said a reason.. We are living together with person who have acc "hummel" so our ip is same because we connected on same router if You don't believe i can send photos of our both pc ip , photos of us because I thing You don't believe that i have brother which is owner of "hummel".
  3. Malbor

    Nope there is no rules about d bow in forum and how do You think wearing all elite void, pegs, ava assembler, archer ring (i) using prayer and potions i can't hit 30-30 from spec? It is not our fault that nobody can't fix 1month "bug"..
  4. Malbor

    I get ban on account "malbor" for using dark bow in pvp. So i wan't to ask if the dark bow is really bugged or smth wrong with him? Why nobody of mods or other stuff not writing in forum threads about this item and not warning players.
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