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  1. Good Luck with the App man It's easy enough to learn and very straight forward So don't be worried about no previous experience.
  2. I approve, One of the good guys and one of the first people to help out others. myself included I'd have no worries trusting you to MM for me Good luck.
  3. j0rdaan

    Nice one man all the best with the role
  4. In-game Name(s): j0rdaan Timezone: GMT+1 Will you be active within the Wiki Team?: Of course, I am online daily. Do you have prior experience editing a Wiki?: I do, I used to edit the wiki many years ago before the server closed Why do you deserve to be in the Wiki Team?: To have extra incentives and focus on skills/tasks I wouldn't usually do whilst playing on a normal day-to-day basis. What do you expect to get out of the Wiki Team? Nothing I just want to dedicate my time to something whilst playing.
  5. j0rdaan

    Congratulations man, I'm sure you'll continue to do a good job
  6. j0rdaan

    Congrats man i'm sure you'll smash it!!
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