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  1. j0rdaan

    @Lou Grinder
  2. j0rdaan

    All the best in life hopefully you can achieve what you've set out to do, take it easy man
  3. j0rdaan

    trade the osrs token store, top left corner, buy the osrs tokens 350m each once you've got "x" amount not sure if there is a minimum or maximum required make a thread here - https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/121-trade-requests/ and someone will get to you when they can
  4. j0rdaan

    I don't believe so
  5. j0rdaan

    Congratulations man Well deserved
  6. j0rdaan

    if I remember rightly you have to use a different emote I cant remember what one maybe its beckon
  7. j0rdaan

    I agree with most however you say revamp the staff team indicating everyone yet you only have an argument for 1 person? I agree though I play alot and most of the time I am online there's 0-1 online The bm store must go in my opinion add the items to drops instead making people PVM. Lou does also need to accept Help but due to personal and previous experiences he prevents from that and I don't blame him. Trust is something here that has dampened this server. As for the wiki, I appreciate people want to use it and pages are outdated but please bare in mine there is 2 people doing it all. Please feel free to pm me on discord with guides or any changes or even make a forums thread for your guides and I will gladly add them. Apply for editor and I will review it and consider it. it's easy to sit there and bash things but remember we are human I work and so do others.
  8. j0rdaan

    Sad to see you go as i've known you a long time. But I respect your decision to step down rather then hold onto a rank
  9. I agree with Barry. I believe it is to early but I am not discrediting what you do to help. I see you on daily helping and see you always being active within Help cc. Don't take it personal and keep doing what you're doing
  10. j0rdaan

    Awesome stuff if youre happy could these be added to the wiki guides.
  11. j0rdaan

    Thank-You for the opportunity. Hopefully we can start to build the wiki into something that everyone has a contribution to and can use easily and efficiently
  12. j0rdaan

    Congrats man, well deserved
  13. Good Luck with the App man It's easy enough to learn and very straight forward So don't be worried about no previous experience.
  14. I approve, One of the good guys and one of the first people to help out others. myself included I'd have no worries trusting you to MM for me Good luck.
  15. j0rdaan

    Nice one man all the best with the role
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