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  1. Jordan

    1. Shouldn't be a suggestion slayer points should be rewarded and store should be rewarding. I don't feel it should be a fix for a flaw in the game when it can be an added addition. 2. Maybe I read it wrong but wouldn't that just be a simple adding tomes to BM store that then taking away from voting and donating for such items... Like I said maybe I read it wrong. 3. Like 1 this should be a stand alone addition not as a "fix" issue is Blood money store is fucking useless and WAAAAAY over priced. Unless it's been updated on last 3 months I been gone which I highly doubt. 4. Leave it as it is.... Why not? Just make the store more rewarding not crap no one wants or making shit over priced Ultimately the issue is not how to fix but WHEN
  2. Jordan

    Nice I also did the same as you and kept a tally of 1k kills I only managed 4 capes in 1k so you're doing better then me already haha I hope you keep up the 1k even if it does take longer
  3. Jordan

    Back when I was staff we discussed this and the development team agreed that a "game" tab filter would be added as to when that is I'm unsure. Just know that it's deffo something that on their list to do
  4. Jordan

    Sounds good Like I said any issues drop me a message
  5. Jordan

    Isn't there a option on your quest tab? I'm not 100% sure as I haven't logged in for like 4 months but I'm sure there's a forums button in the quest tab somewhere
  6. Jordan


    It was a pleasure to work with you man Saw you go from mm to admin I truly hope things get better for you
  7. Jordan

    it's not a bug. imbued (charge) all charged items disappear on death. As for the Mbox type ::empty with it in your inventory make sure you only have that in your inventory
  8. It's always good to have experience within the team in which you bring. I saw you active again before I left. Like you said you left on personal terms and not bad terms so +1 from me
  9. Jordan

    Thanks and congrats to everyone fully deserved. Lets keep up the good work
  10. Aside from 07 and this I play call of duty and fifa mostly on ps4 Never got into fortnite Fave game and series of all time is deffo last of us and Uncharted
  11. Jordan

    Always good to see old faces return. Hopefully you find it as fun and enjoyable as you once did!
  12. Jordan

    I truly respect your honesty and taking responsibility for your actions. We've had some very up down moments in our time lol. I wish you the best going forward and in life
  13. Jordan

    Congrats to all who join return and move up. All very good promotions and hopefully continue to do your best. Wish Keelow Teet and Legends the best in what ever you boys decide to do going forward
  14. Jordan

    Welcome back! It's great to see old players return and you especially. I look forward to working with you again and to see where this new team in you and zod leads us too.
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