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  1. cba to talking with u about prices, thats all buddy, thanks for commentar.
  2. Thanks for arguments I though that u gave to me it thanks man
  3. In-game Name(s): Mafyslt Age: 19 Timezone: GMT+3 Will you be active?: I am most active ingame probably How much do you usually play per day?: 6-18 hours per day Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I think that I am trust worthy guy, some guys gave me their stuff just to wear it for 'fashionscape', for for hour, or more. Trying to help this community, becouse i enjoy this server alot by myself. Didnt had even my mind to scam anyone here. I trust people, and they scam me or anything, but that wont happen again for sure. Helping other players with price checks etc. And yeah, i pretty like staff members, they are pretty nice. Any other information: Would be greate, if you could support my application, but its up to u guys! I hope u didnt get bored to read my application, Peace babes
  4. Nice updates, but void price is too high for sure..
  5. mafyslt

    i want to trade 5 tokens to 5m osrs, mafyslt ign
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