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  1. Wrath

    -theres a safespot thats allowed with range i believe
  2. Wrath

    -icy portal, 5kc for donators, 20 for regular users. -you gotta tell them how to get there -take care not to get too many ice warriors on you and get yourself comboed. (you can wait till they stop being aggressive)
  3. Wrath

    -keep hp above 45. -no need for prayer pots unless you have below 70 prayer or a lower combat level as the altar next to you can be used to restore it. -dragon whip/dwhip spec is also good for this boss. -skull sceptre, 5 charges, 10 vote points to teleport straight to bkt. max cape unlimited teleports straight to bkt. you didnt mention how to get there using the keys.
  4. Wrath

    -3 ghosts spawn sometimes, they attack from right to left if your camera is facing the cerberus face first. (i dont remember the order) -One attack per ghost, different attack style each, they disappear once all ghosts attack. -ghosts do 30 damage each if the protection prayer for the attack style they are using is not used. green for range, blue for mage, red for melee. -ghosts also drain prayer. (unsure if spectrals effects work).
  5. Wrath

    - the special attack is the toxic clouds (does not poison) -run away from the clouds as soon as you see them as it hits rapid damage. -dragon whip spec/dwhip is also pretty decent at tarn (also tried indigo which was decent as well) -vesta/neitznothelm/serp helm can also be used. -blessing for ammunition slot -portal of champions for tarn. 5kc for donators, 20 i think for regular members. -teleports you straight to the lair with skull sceptre worth 10 vote points. same with max cape but unlimited charges.
  6. Wrath

    @Lou Grinder
  7. Wrath

    forgot to demote bart to villager status
  8. has my vouch, helps out for most of the day alongside me and never loggs off the game, (has a bit of a trolling side)
  9. this update was rolledback so most of the things listed are not in game. You'll have to wait till some things are fixed and then theyll add it back.
  10. Wrath

    Id like to thank auri and faroutbro for getting me out of the bank. After one year and three months, i have finally maxed on my regular account.
  11. Wrath

    Have you tried this ?
  12. Wrath

    @Lou Grinder messaged you on discord but cant direct message non-friends The picture/highscore text will be changed, construction is missing from the list, top 3 will obviosuly have gold/silver/bronze medal. didnt finish adding the icons for everything. Need some advice on what to add or colors to change.
  13. Wrath

    edit: probably should have looked to see if you were ingame before i replied here lol he already tried ::tasks
  14. Wrath

    Ill back up your statement and say he does deserve the title, always helping on forums, discord and ingame + helping to manage the wiki. A lot more than most people.
  15. Wrath

    wheres the poll ;p?
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