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Some tips for the server :)

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Since I am host banned, there's not much I can do or say anymore. Was a host ban justified? Of course not. However let me give you some ideas to further this server.

1. Player polls: A poll system for new additions for the game bosses items etc, minigames, not the ones where no one plays, but a staff advertised one to get a lot of players, and the most important in my opinion, staff selection. So far everyone close to staff have been promoted and not people who have put in actual work.

2 A world for pkers and those who like a challenge: A pvp world with higher xp and drop rates. it was annoying when every time I killed someone anywhere they'd complain, like get out the wild then. A pvp world would attract more people, and would be a great addition to the server.

3. Smaller updates instead of larger ones: With smaller updates, less content would be released in one time but, if that update comes with bugs, like all of ours have, they can be fixed much quicker than releasing a huge update with 100s of bugs that all need immediate attention.

4. Staff who actually do their job: I was sad and happy when I heard kaz and blake "resigned", however they don't do anything anyways so I didn't feel any type about it, the server needs staff that would actually be 1. active 2. helpful 3. acts like a player at times instead of acting like a god and treating players like peasants. 

5. Item buffs and nerfs: while this is way too much to explain I have some stuff in mind. In no way should elite void be the best armor in the game overall, to the point that running vesta or ancestral is pointless when they should be the best gear in the game. VLS is trash and spear is okay, Heavy Ballista and DGS need a spec accuracy buff.

Now, will this be the end of time here? Who knows. I know I've been a dick over the past couple months, but lets not act like everyone else a sweetheart lmao. I don't know if this is permanent is for a couple days/weeks. But I hope everyone sees this, and takes notes. :)

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Good luck akoumari, thank you for the time you took to make this clear thread!

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