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Read Before Applying

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Some very important information for your application will be listed here.
Be sure to read and understand everything before making an application.
If you don't understand something, ask a staff member.
Firstly, there are a strict set of requirements for becoming a member of the MM group.
It is very important that you are aware of them before applying.

The requirements for becoming a Middleman are as follow:
* You must be a trustworthy and known player within the community and by staff.
* You must have an active presence with the community. We understand that real life issues come before Grinderscape.
* You must not break any rules, this includes both the forums and in-game.
If a punishment has been given within the last 3-4 weeks, your application will be made void (this include both in-game, discord and forums)
* You must be respectful and mature, Official middlemen must be role models within Grinderscape and lead by a good example.

These requirements are not optional. if you don't meet any of what is listen above. you wont be accepted.
Secondly, when applying you must use the set application form.
If you do not use it, your application will be denied by default.

Optional requirements:
*Have an excellent and up to date knowledge of most areas (prices, forums, in-game activity etc).
*Be active within all areas of the server (forums, Discord and in-game).
*have been on the server for a fair amount of time (a month or more).

These requirements are optional and will help with your application.

Choosing Official middlemen isn't an easy choice and could take a few days even weeks. 
Wait for a decision and don't make another application until one is made.

The form is as follows:


In-Game Name(s):



Will you be active?:

How much do you usually play per day?:

Why do you deserve to be in this group?:

Any other information:


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