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Some suggestions for the server

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                                                       I hope this will be added in the future :P So we can have fun in playing because everything is too easy right now ❤️ 

1. Zulrah, Vorkath, Corp, Black knight titan, Alch hydra drop rates is too easy almost every kill you can get a good drop should be higher drop rates for items.

2. Make Vet'ion to have 2 phases thats more fun then it is now.

3. Castle wars added so peoples could have more fun with others :P and increase the amount of players in the server that want some safe minigames

4. Fix weapon game it's nothing cool for real.

5. Add raids, donator zone 2, wildy worm boss with not high drop rates, but not be easy that easy like others.

6. Make target teleport tablet or add interface wher will show who is target and what level he is that makes no need to go all wild around to find one player :P

7. Remove arcane spirit shield from mystery boxes everyone agree that is easy to get from em and made it down in price with that rewards and add something less item  like an elder maul or something.

8. Make an bank wealth to show in the bank how much do you have that's would be easy and no need to calc if you have alot of items i hope this will be added in the future ❤️ 

9. Add tome's in the blood money store that should make alot of bm out of the eco and easier for some players who want's them for maxing account, and pretty hard to get from donator's.

10. Kitchen knife is too high even better then ghrazi rapier and easy to get should be lowered hits for it.

11. Add boss contract points shop that we waiting long time :( 

12. Remove ghrazi rapier from blood money store and add it to Mutant tarn or new boss and make high drop rate for it so that would be more fun to grind because easy get blood money.

13. The bond from parti points store should be made to 31 day, so players will be more grinding for it not like now and i don't see many players grind for it after get bond one time.

14. Add ironman store only thats could help for alot players to play on ironman's.

15. Would be fun to have clue scroll items and Boss drops collection log like in osrs.

16. Add a command for check what middleman's are online that's could help for many peoples.

17. Reset server couple time in week not that hard :P alot of peoples starting lagging and nulling, so this make the community bigger if it's restart more times then one time in 10 days.

18. Monthly rewards for pvp clan's that makes videos, because ther is not alot of peoples that makes vid's for youtube.


                                                                                                                   Thanks for reading & leave some feedback ❤️ 




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I agree 100% to these suggestions. 

Although making a second donator zone would be kinda useless since the first one isnt that occupied. Unless it has some benefits that would make it worthwile ofcourse. Old dz’s used to have pools that doubled exp, hits, ... for 20 minutes. Talking about the old dz in the old days. 


But it’s a very nice list that deserves to be implemented! 


Also the slayer helm and shop should work 100% :) 

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