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Vote shop reward suggestions + adjustments

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So for the past few weeks or so I have been playing the new 07 version of this server and i have not voted once, not because the server is bad but because of the terrible vote shop reward system (which really confused me when i first joined as we have great premium point shops - even for ironmen).

whenever i join a new rsps i try my best to vote as often as possible because voting can be very rewarding. However i have noticed that the voting shop on grinderscape is highly lacking good rewards, everything is a cosmetic which has not much use  apart for those rich players who stand in the bank for hours in their cosmetics, and also a 5,000 blood money reward which would take 2 days of voting to obtain 🤔.

All this is fine however I’d like to make a few suggestions of what i feel would make a great impact of peoples votes on this great server and also give players more content they can grind for (especially the ironmen out there) . Here are a few suggestions:

- mystery box’s

- removing the degrading weapons? And replacing them with the real deal as once was.

- crystal key’s

- membership bond

- maybe some low level equipment such as dragon boots /amulet of fury/ barrows gloves/dfs

Nothing too overpowered ofcourse :) 

thanks and i hope you consider this suggestion and implement it into our great server. ~~~ Toosh




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This is a great suggestion as I do also think that the vote shop does have some pointless items at the moment.


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