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Daxx's Update V2

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Dear Grinderscape Community,


I've got a few small updates that I'd like to announce!

- Staff Changes

*New Sectional Moderator; We've decided to promote @Bossed to Sectional Moderator because we believe that he is worth the promotion and that he's willing to do what it takes to hold the position. Congratulations again mate, you should go well !

*Elite Moderator; We've currently disabled the Staff Rank "Elite Mod" For the time being as the rank itself isn't finished and we don't really need the rank for the time being. (Once it is needed, the rank will be re-opened.)


- Wiki changes

*Price Guide; I've recently started working on the Wiki Price Guide, you will start to see some major changes within the next few days as I've got it all typed down in my documents! (Just need to upload onto the Wiki)


- Social Media

*Facebook; As most of you know, we've got a Facebook page called "Grinderscape" It can be found by simply clicking HERE or searching Grinderscape on Facebook. We will be advertising Giveaways, posting memes and all sorts of other stuff so make sure you give us a Like and a Follow! (Forum userbar 'Partyhat' giveaway coming up!)

*Youtube; We've also made a new Grinderscape Youtube account as we don't have access to our old one! Please click HERE and Subscribe to the Grinderscape Youtube channel to help out the server! (Youtube account not fully completed)


NOTE; Remember if you guys need any sort of assistant with anything, don't be afraid to message a staff member!

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Thank you for the promotion, Won't let anyone down.

Feel free to pm me if you got questions or just want to talk :)

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