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Bounty Hunter :

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Bounty Hunter

This is a concept I have thought up on my own, with the intentions to hopefully bring some nhing (no honor pking) 1v1s to edgeville! The event its self is relating to a bounty on a specified

person's head. Which in this case, it's me! Killing the person will reward a large amount of valuables, from money to expensive items. But of course there's a twist to it all. The only way to be

rewarded the bounty is to challenge me, whether it be through clan chat, pm, or yell. Once challenged, I cannot decline, as I am being "hunted" by those who want the rewards. So the

corresponding target and challenger both must come to the conclusion of either welfare gear (Mystics, D'hide, etc. - including weapons), mid tier (Barrows, Armadyl, etc.), or high tier gear

(Zuriels, Morrigans, Ancestral, Void, etc.).Once decided on the respected gear both players will meet at edge to fight. This is NOT a death match fight but the fights will continue until one dies.



The challenger may only attempt to kill the bountied player once per 4 hours, making it so that they cannot repeat challenge constantly. If the challenger does in fact die to the targeted

player, the bounty will rise. This will occur after every kill the target gets without dying. If the bountied dies, the rewards will be given to the individual who has killed them. Every kill the

target gets the bounty will rise 100m (or larger), with the starting bounty set at 200m. This bounty will also grow without challenging the target, but in smaller increments. If I were to kill

someone in the wilderness pking (+50m), Pvming (+25m), Skilling (+10m). Therefore the bounty may rise without everyone challenging, but more beneficial if players were to challenge.



If anyone does become interested in this, I will continue to update the current bounty as kills/death comes in. I felt this would be unique to do, let me know your feedback below! Thank you.

(again, I stress, this must be singles pvp and a challenged 1v1. Anything other will result in no further reward other than the death loot.) 

Run Date: Monday, April 29th - Death // Current Bounty: 200m // Kills: - // (In-Game name: Druids)

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so what you're saying is if I'm the PK champion minding my own business doing some PVM or skilling I have to interrupt that to go and fight some no-namer? Nah thanks, stupid idea no support would never work.

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