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Client Error guide/Log

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Hey guys, as you can see the release is coming very shortly. Lou has asked me to make a short guide/log if anyone experiences any issues with the client. Hopefully there won't be any, but at least there is this thread :) Here I will show you two main solutions if you have issues running the client. Also there will be the cache fix at the end.

Solution one:

This one is the easy solution, if the client doesn't open after clicking "Start game" then you can download the jar only client by following this link - https://www.grinderscape.org/assets/game_client/cls/game_client.jar  this means you won't be required to use the loader. Just makes things quick and easy.



Solution two: 

I call this the annoying solution, only attempt this if solution one fails. Below are the steps

1) Click "Start game" on the loader as shown below


2) After this, either the client will work for you and you don't need to do anything further, or it won't. But if it doesn't, the loader will just close with no game client appearing 

3) Go to my computer and click the main drive, this is where the cache should be downloaded


4) Click users and click your name or whatever you have named your PC 


5) In my case my pc is called John xD Here  you should find a folder called Grinderscape. Open it :) 


6) Here you will see a few files, just click the Jar file called "Grinderscape" as seen below. 


7) Boom, there is the client :) Hopefully this solution worked for you.



Cache fix solution: 

If everything fails, then follow these steps.

1) Follow step 3,4 and 5 from solution 2 to find the Grinderscape file. Then delete every file inside.  


2) Download the cache from this link https://www.grinderscape.org/assets/game_client/cache/cache.zip 

3) Drag the cache into the sames file in users, from the place you just deleted the client. 

4) Unpack or extract there files in there 


5) Lastly, try running the client/launcher again https://www.grinderscape.org/assets/game_client/cls/game_client.jar 

If you experience any other issues, please post them below so Lou can work on the fixes. This was just a short guide. I will keep this guide updated

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the release of Grinderscape



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