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Higher or Lower Event!

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Welcome to this brand new game i will be trying out in-game this weekend! Below is the basic idea of how the event will be structured and the times/location of when/where the event will be held. Enjoy!
Depending on how many sign up will determine how the rounds are laid out but below is a rough idea of how the event will work:

1) Do not spam and keep chat to a minimum once the event has started
2) Follow all instructions given by the host.
3) respect everyone at the event.
4) cheaters will disqualified. (this is determined by the host) 

Event Structure;

Round 1:
This round will involve between 2-5 players (depending on how many turn up) the host will roll a dice and all players within that round will decide to say either "higher" or "lower" from the first roll. If a player guesses correctly twice in a row, they proceed to the next round. if a player guesses incorrectly they are eliminated from the game.

Round 2:
Similar to the first round but this time a roll will be given to individual players (up to 5 players per round). if a player guesses correctly another 2 times, they proceed to round 3. rolling a 1 or 100 is an automatic win. (this round will be determined based on the amount of players on the day of the event)

Round 3:
This will be the final round (the final). All players left will battle it out to become the winner. All players roll and the highest roll wins.
if a player rolls a 1 or 100 they knock out the other 2 players unless someone else rolls a 1 or 100.
If a player rolls a 50 they can choose to stick or roll again. 
The winner of each round will be group with the winners of the other rounds until only 1 stands. 

This is just a guide line of what the event can look like. this may change depending on when the event is being held and the nature of which the event is being used.

See you all there! 


Edited by Barry
changed so can be refereed to for future events

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