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As some of you may of notices, i am somewhat of a collector, currently i am working on a bunch of different armour set and below are what i have left to collect as from when this is posted
I will update this as frequently as i can whenever i get the pieces on the list.

Red means i need, Green means i already have.
pm me in-game with the item you have and i will arrange a price for it! in-game name is the same on the forums (Y)

Melee based sets:

Black helm (h1)      Adamant helm (h2)     Rune helm (h2)
Black helm (h5)      Adamant helm (h3)     Rune shield (h5)
Black shield (h3)     Adamant helm (h5)           
Black shield (h4)     Adamant shield (h2) 
Black shield (h5)     Adamant shield (h5)

Dragon platebody (g)      Dragon kiteshield (g)       Dragon sq shield (g)
Dragon boots (g)               Gilded kiteshield              Gilded boots  

 Zamorak full helm          Armadyl full helm         Ancient full helm         Bandos platebody      
 Zamorak kiteshield        Armadyl platebody       Ancient platebody       Bandos kiteshield       
Guthix full helm              Armadyl platelegs          Ancient platelegs                   
Guthix plateskirt             Armadyl plateskirt        Ancient plateskirt
Guthix platebody            Armadyl kiteshield         Ancient kiteshield

Iron full helm (g)             Steel platelegs (t)           White plateskirt
Iron platebody (t)           Black plateskirt (t)          White kiteshield     
Iron platelegs (t)             Mithril kiteshield (t) 
Iron kiteshield (t)            Rune full helm (g)
Iron kiteshield (g)           Rune plateskirt (g)

Mage and prayer based sets:

Ancient Stole                     Armadyl Stole                 Bandos Stole                    Guthix Stole
Ancient Mitre                    Armadyl Mitre                 Bandos Robe Top           Guthix Robe Top
Ancient Robe Top             Armadyl Robe Top         Bandos Robe Legs          Guthix Robe Legs
Ancient Robe Legs            Armadyl Robe Legs       Saradomin Cloak
Ancient Cloak                    Armadyl Cloak

Wizard black skirt (t)                
Wizard black skirt (g)
Amulet of fury (or)
Amulet of torture (or)
Necklace of anguish (or)

Range based sets:

Green d'hide body (g)       Guthix coif                       Saradomin coif
Blue dhide body (t)           Guthix dragonhide         Saradomin d'hide

Blue d'hide body (g)         Guthix bracers                 Saradomin chaps

Ancient coif                       Armadyl coif                      Bandos coif              Zamorak coif
Ancient d'hide                  Armadyl d'hide                 Bandos d'hide          Zamorak d'hide
Ancient chaps                  Armadyl chaps                  Bandos chaps           Zamorak chaps
Ancient bracers               Armadyl bracers               Bandos bracers        Zamorak bracers

Other cosmetic items:

Green Elegant Blouse      Blue Elegant Legs    
Blue Elegant Blouse         Blue Elegant Skirt    
Red Elegant Shirt              Red Elegant Legs    
Red Elegant Blouse          Red Elegant Skirt    
White Elegant Shirt           White Elegant legs    
Black Elegant Blouse        Black Elegant Skirt    

Light bow tie                      Ankou mask                 Mummy's head        Samurai greaves
Light tuxedo jacket           Ankou gloves               Mummy's body       Samurai boots 
Light trousers                  
 Ankou socks                 Mummy's legs             
Light tuxedo cuffs             Ankou gloves               Mummy's hands      

Edited by Barry

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I can probably give you most of this Barry, when you are on next pm me in-game I am usually always on!

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