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Can’t open client

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I have downloaded the new client but get the error message “an error occurred whilst downloading the grinderscape OS”. Any advice on how to fix this?

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Ok so to anyone having any problems downloading the new client, here's what you're going to do.


First let's make sure your Java is up to date. We'll do this by navigating to the "Play Now" section, and download the latest Java.



It may prompt to uninstall older version Java, click yes and agree and let it do its thing.


Once the latest version of Java has been installed, we're going to head on into your cache folder.


Open up your directories and head into your Local Disk ( also known as (C:) Drive )



Then you're going to navigate into 'Users', and select your account. In my case it is named 'home'. Yours may be 'Bob', or whatever.




Once there, you're going to look for a folder named 'GrinderScapeCache'



You will find dozens of different files inside like such;



Highlight all of these files and delete them (Ctrl A - Del)


Once these files are deleted, head back to that Play Now section where we brang our Java up-to-date(Keep this folder open still), and redownload the GrinderScape client again. It may take a few minutes redownloading the Cache, that's fine. If prompted there was an error while downloading the cache, head back to the folder we left open containing the cache, and restart the GrinderScape Client at the top. It will restart the cache download and should fix the issue. 


If anyone is having any further problems, please msg me or make a forum post! Thanks! 

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