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Explanation Respected Rank

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Hello everyone!

In this thread I explain exactly what the Respected rank entails and how it works.

Respected is exactly what it means. Members who get nominated are not solely contributors in the community, but also interactive members throughout the forums, and show respect, kindness, and offer their assistance even when not asked. The member being nominated for respected must display respectable characteristics and be consistently a good member of the community. The idea behind respected is not to solely contribute, but show respect and earn it in return, among everything else stated.

How the process works:

A member is nominated by forum staff for the respected rank, and a public community poll is made where a valid reason MUST be given in order to for the vote to be counted. If the "yes" votes exceeds that of the "no" votes by 75%, the member will receive the rank and the userbar.

I hope this thread clarifies any confusion as to what is expected for any future Respected nominee.

Thanks for reading

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