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Regarding New and old donations

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Hey all,

What you've might noticed is that some donator ranks got refunded already to a few players.
We have decided to only refund ranks you previously had due to it not being checkable if the player has or has not refunded their premium points.
BETA Donations will be refunded with the right proof and the date shown that was between the beta period with the 6 digit invoice number
(These are included in the billing mail).

You can request your ranks here: (https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/98-request-for-in-game-rank/).

New donator ranks are:
donator.png.2327487fdc74d11538a3d68c3ebc0563.png Donator rank at $50,- premium points purchase,
1566870717_superdonator.png.8ce92b46bcfcbd3b6da355b9ce91ac71.png Super Donator rank at $100,- premium points purchase,
1502198566_extremedonator.png.585217afc57f96d0d2991348dd0ceb85.png Extreme Donator rank at $250,- premium points purchase.

More information will be displayed on our donation page when it is updated:

Thank you for reading,

Grinderscape staff team

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1 minute ago, Valar said:

One thing tho: I donated for 20k prem points. Where do I go to get those back? 


If it were beta donations you can private message Lou about it then he will check it for you.

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