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Changes are needed.

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So I have had a few things that I feel are needed for this server, and after seeing Connect's Post it was nice to see other people had the same thoughts as me so there will be some that he already mentioned listed below.

1. So the big one for me is the staff. Quite frankly most of the mods and even the higher ranks are a complete joke. There is one staff member who will remain unnamed unless someone is willing to talk to me about this as quite frankly it is the biggest joke I have seen. He remains to allow a player who will also remain unnamed to keep playing after multiple bans and quite frankly this player can only be described as pure toxic. Just the other day, there was over 5 comments made about terrorist attacks in the UK by this player, multiple racist slurs and quite frankly it is shocking to me that players like this remain on GrinderScape. I guess when you are friends with someone high up you can go running and cry until they unban you. On top off this most of the staff team are simply not active enough and when they are online I find myself seeing players not getting the help they should. So yes there needs to be a staff revamp big time, out with the old in with the new.

2. Add a general store to sell loot too/update alch prices on items. There are loads off items in the game which sometimes become either become impossible to sell or there prices simply raise off the charts. I feel there is to much off a price gap on some items and there needs to be better structure. 

3.The blood money shop may look amazing, and may seem great that you can get so many good items from slayer BUT the reality is most off the items in that shop now are simply to easy to obtain such as the rapier, inferno, claws and serp helms. for me serp helms should be removed and just dropped by zulrah and the other items should have there blood money purchase price raised by almost double or assign these drops to bosses. If this was done it would make the items I mentioned a bit more off a challenge to obtain and maybe those items would be more commonly purchased as they would not be as easy to obtain, because at the moment there is a massive supply off the items but a very little demand.

4. The Vote store seems a little outdated, there is nothing in there that makes me want to make sure I get my votes in every day. I personally think that store could do with a update removing some off the items which are clearly unwanted and just seen as junk and replacing them with exciting items like mystery boxes (for a good price of course). Maybe even include boxes that include potions, skilling supplies and maybe some bonus xp. Really items that would encourage people to make sure they are voting daily to keep this server growing. 

5. Bugs. Bugs. Bugs so many times I see people say something is bugged. Now If i was to type out a list off all the bugs I would be sat here for ages but I know these bugs get talked about enough to surely get attention. I mean we are playing a server where people are not using a slayer helm because the bonuses do not work, and where we are unable to complete clue's that we obtain come on now...

6.This is "connect"s idea but I fully back this, a good fortune well at home would be a great addition. It would be another outlet for GP/BM which is always a good thing. I too believe you should be able to contribute to provide the server with Double XP in combat/Non Combat skills. I do not believe double drops should be a option tho.

7.  I do not believe players should be given a daily mystery box, I feel what these mystery boxes can reward players is simply to good just to be giving them out. These boxes should be either bought with voting points,BM or donated for. 

8. Drop rates for the "classic" game mode are simply overpowered. I play on classic and even I will admit the drop rates are sometimes even funny I remember getting all the (1/128) drops from abby demons in a 78 kill slayer task.  So this is definitely an issue and this over time could really effect the eco.

9. Update the wiki.... Any new player that logs in would be impressed that there is a wiki for this server but they would be instantly disappointed to see everything is out of date. This shows lack of effort which clearly is a issue when regarding this server. I do not know if you just run this server for the $ and really do not care about the people but you should, there is a amazing community here and if a little more effort was put in we could have something really special here.   

10. This is for the new players I have heard a rumor that the starter box you get is bugged, now honestly imagine logging into a server and the first thing you see is a bug right away. It just does not look good to anyone does it. Just over a short while I have seen people quit and spend less time on here and I am seeing hardly any faces. and I feel changes are needed to keep this growing.


So that is just a few points that I have thought off, I have a lot more ideas and would love to talk to someone about them. I would love people to comment there thoughts and even add to what I said all I know is something needs to happen soon especially regarding the staff. Thank you for reading- Dxly 

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Couldnt agree less with you bud,First thing that should be done is revamping the staff which love server and make sure that there is one for every time slot.Also having a wiki editor which works hard,having a game developer to fix bugs daily (if possible) and also helping lou out cause i know for sure lou cant do all this things alone.I hope @Lou Grinder you read both this forum post aswell as connect's and tell us on your opinion as it really matters to us users who loves this server.

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I agree with most however you say revamp the staff team indicating everyone yet you only have an argument for 1 person?
I agree though I play alot and most of the time I am online there's 0-1 online


The bm store must go in my opinion add the items to drops instead making people PVM.


Lou does also need to accept Help but due to personal and previous experiences he prevents from that and I don't blame him. Trust is something here that has dampened this server.


As for the wiki, I appreciate people want to use it and pages are outdated but please bare in mine there is 2 people doing it all. Please feel free to pm me on discord with guides or any changes or even make a forums thread for your guides and I will gladly add them. Apply for editor and I will review it and consider it. it's easy to sit there and bash things but remember we are human I work and so do others.




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