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Lou Grinder

Summer Sale & Hotfixes!!!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Improved cape particles resizing on resizeable modes.

- Resizable mode frame resizing support.

- Fixed screen mode setting in interface not setting on logout.

- Fixed mystery box rewards container.

- Fixed top and left borders of game frame in fixed mode not repainting when switching screen modes (after new resizable changes).

- Fixed trade window showing the name Blake for everyone and the item prices listing.

- Using smouldering stone on dragon harpoon will now work properly. (Thanks to Lomax)

- Several other minor fixes after the big update which should improve overall experience.


- New Fremmenik Store in Relleka! (Player requested)

- Summer sale!!! Up to 40% discount on premium items store! LIMITED TIME ONLY



- PVP item sets (Vesta's, Morrigan's..etc).

- The client is now fully resizable in fixed mode. (Requires client update)

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Guest Darren

Cool update thanks!

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Love it! Its nice having smaller bug fixing updates with a little bit of new content every other week! keep up the good work Devs!! ❤️

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Definitely a great little update. I understand how time consuming this must be and how much work it takes but little updates like this really make a difference to the smooth running of the server and are widely appreciated . Thanks for all your hard work guys 👌🏼. I agree if you have the resources little fixes like this would be valued immensely . 

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