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Grinderscape Halloween Event 2019!

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Welcome to Grinderscape Halloween event for 2019!
This event will themed around Halloween and split into 3 different games! below is a breakdown of how the event will be laid out including times, games etc so give it a good read!

Time and date:
This event will take place on 31/10/2019 (tomorrow) at around 7:30pm GMT+0 (server time) and will run until the last game is finished.

Event Information:
This event will be split into 3 sections/games with a 15 minute break between each section.
Game 1; 4 rounds of hide and seek prizes are;

1st: infernal cape
2nd: 750m
3rd: 250k blood money
4th: Dragon claws!

Game 2; Costume contest.
1st: normal set of h'ween masks (Red Blue Green) plus an orange H'ween mask
2nd: normal set of h'ween masks (Red Blue Green) plus a Black H'ween mask
3rd: normal set of h'ween masks (Red Blue Green) plus a colourful H'ween mask (not changable)

Game 3; higher or lower/dicing game (click HERE for rules and such for that game)
1st place: 7b cash plus corp pet!
2nd place: 2m blood money plus normal h'ween set.
3rd place: 3b cash plus ghazi rapier.

Each event will have its separate prizes ranking from a variety of items all Halloween based and rules explained at the start of every game. 
The prizes for the currently active game will be posted in the discord channel and announced over yell in-game. 

Below are a list of players who have donated towards the event!
If you wish to contribute towards the event please get in contact with myself  via discord and i will assist you before the event starts. 

Hope to see you all there and stay spooky!

Shark black


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Gotta love the planning of this holiday event! Also a big shout out to the people/ players who decided to donate their own money/ items to help support the event!

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