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Official Middleman FAQ

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What is a Middleman?

A Middleman, like everyone, is a member of the community.
The only difference to most other Grinderscape players is that he or she has been deemed trustworthy by staff.

What do Middlemen do?
The purpose every Middleman serves is to assist players of the community in RSGP transactions.
They make sure that no scams occur, and that everything goes smoothly during the trade.
It is highly suggested that a Middleman is used for every RSGP transaction done.

Who are the Middlemen?

You can find a list of all current Middlemen here.
Middlemen have no special rank In-Game, so don't automatically believe someone if they say they're a Middleman; always check the list.
Also remember that having dicer or donator ranks In-Game does not make someone a Middleman or trusted.

How do I find a Middleman?

The simplest way of finding a Middleman is to check the list, and see if one is online In-Game.
Many Middlemen also have yell abilities, and have their titles set to something along the lines of "MM" or "Middleman", so you can ask one of them.
But remember to always check with the list to make sure the person claiming to be a Middleman truly is one.

How do I become a Middleman?

If you think you're ready to become an Official Middleman, you can make an application in this section.
Once you send in your application, it will be reviewed by the Leaders and Recruiters of the MM group.
More information about making MM applications can be found here.
What are the Requirements for becoming a Middleman?

The requirements are as follow:

  • You must be trustworthy. If you know you aren't, don't bother applying
  • You must be active, you won't be accepted if you're never around. Though of course real life issues come before Grinderscape.
  • You must not break any rules. If you were given a punishment of any kind by staff in the last few weeks, don't bother applying.
  • You must be respectful and mature, if you know you aren't, don't apply.
  • You must not have any bad infractions on you, read up on the rules for the bad ones.
  • You must be a good example to others, if you're not, don't apply.

Are Middlemen Staff?

In no way shape or form are Middlemen a part of the Grinderscape staff team.
If someone tells you otherwise, they are either liars or terribly misinformed.

Why was my Application deleted?

Usually the only reason an application will get deleted is if the MM Group Leadership believes that you put little to no effort into making your application.
Applications that fit into this category are often described as "3-Second Applications".
If you hope to be accepted as a Middleman, we want to see some effort put in.
You can find more information about making applications here.
If you have a question that wasn't answered in this thread, feel free to ask a staff member or make a thread in this section.

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