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Hello everyone, we all want to improve the forums activity so im posting this to try help with that, if anyone else has suggestions please post them or message me and i add them to this list.


1. Post boss guides.

2. Post skilling guides.

3. Making events on the forums.

4. Add new ranks for forums activity, posts and etc.

5. Active staff members on the forums.

6. Advertise forums in the game.

7. Add staff members that take cares of different things, like forum staffs is only forums staff and etc.

8. Update guides every couple days if its needed.


Thats all for now, had no time to think about more suggestions so if anyone has good ideas please private message me and i can add them to this list. 


                Thanks for reading.


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Not bad not bad; obviously as you already know some boss guides are here but most are in the wiki page as well as skilling guides! 100% agree about forums events! I am in the process of figuring out what kind of events and prizes and then I’ll send it up! For the Forum Staff, that’s pretty much the staff team! But I like those suggestion brother! 100% forums event coming soon!(: 

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