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Lou Grinder

Jewellry enchanting, BM Rewards, Bolt Enchanting..[Part 1]

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This week's patch includes over 50 bug fixes and tons of server optimization and changes!

Note: Due to many players reporting the bugs to be fixed, there will be a part 2 of this update which will contain other stuff to be continued such as spell book, spells glowing..etc

Let's get started!


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed some ladder problems and improved the existing system.

- Your combat will be reset when the NPC retreats.

- Engine base for sounds and music implemented.

- Blessed Saradomin's sword is now working correctly with the enchanting process.


- Light infinity is now tradeable.


- The cost to repair broken items has been slightly decreased.


- Reminder: The reward for exchanging voting points for blood money and coins is worth for less.
* Voting points to blood money/coins.

- Dice command taking you to the clipped area is fixed.

- Client's new user will now explain basic stuff on how to start playing.


- Dark beast defence and attack nerfed by 20%.

- Whip has now greater accuracy, and the special attack reduces the target's running energy by 75.

- Combat formula and accuracy has been modified with values of around 5-15%.

- Skull timer increased to 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes.

- Overload can no longer be used in duel arena, or before going to duel.

- Combat will not be reset anymore when equipping items. (Delay's attack by 1 tick).


- Special attacks powers buffed by about 3-9%.

- The combat delay by food has been reduced from 5 ticks to 2.

- You can no longer stake untradeable items in duel arena.


- High alchemy and other non-combat spells spam clicking fixed.

- You can now craft dragon SQ shield.


- Abyssal dagger special attack now shows correctly.

- Yell tickets price has been decreased.

- Slayer XP has been considerably buffed.

- Lady Keli can now be traded.

- Uncut Jade and Red topaz added to the crafting shop.


- Boss contracts system has been fixed.

- Thieving XP boosted by 20%.

- XP halve for skilling after level 92 is removed.

- Fixed slayer's enchantment bug in the wilderness above level 20.

- Ahrim's staff is now 1-handed.

- Having two sets of protection from dragon's breath will adequately protect you.
* For example, Shield + Mage pray will give you full protection.

- Combat attack style now saves upon logout.

- Fixed combat XP bug being divided by four after level 92.

- Tarn's fire hitting bug fixed.



- Dagganoth kings, and Godwars spawns will now work properly.

- Potion decanting causing you to have infinite potions fixed.

- Wilderness resources area fire fix.

- Giant mole hit points has been nerfed massively.

- Fixed a problem with XP lock.

- Ava's attractor now works properly.

- Fixed Zamorak chamber boss entrance in god wars.

- Mutant tarn has been nerfed slightly. Best protection prayers: Magic
* Magic max hit: 70
* Range max hit: 32
* Melee max hit: 55 (Low chances of melee attacks).
Melee defence reduced by 30%, Ranged defence increased by 35%, Magic defence reduced by 50%.

- Over 13 bosses have been optimized with their stats, nerf, and boosts.

- Giant sea snake runts issue fixed.


- Attacking NPC's from far with melee fixed.

- You can now get blood money reward without the 500,000 minimum target's wealth requirement.


- Wilderness bosses will now drop 60-200 Blood money:
* Chaos elemental
* Vet'ion
* Crazy Archeologist
* Scorpia
* Callisto
* Venenatis
* Chaos Fanatic

- You can now right click and add a friend from chat box on public mode.



- Jewelry making system implemented:
* You can use a gold bar on any furnace to start with jewelry making.
* After getting the items, you can enchant any of the items.




- Magic enchanting items support added.


- Yell tab fully functional:
* Off will no longer show any yells in the game.



- You now receive 100 blood money per one participation point you get:
* Participation points from donating are not applicable.

- Added bandit's brew in thieving store:
* Rewards 2,000,000 thieving XP.




- You can now buy 1m coins and 5k Blood money from skilling store with skilling points.


- Bolt enchanting magic spell support and system functionality:
* New spell in the spell book.
* You can now enchant bolts.

* Gem cutting to bolt tips (Coming soon).


- Shops are moved and updated.


- Added a slayer master in Edgeville that will give harder tasks:
* This is for new players to know they should look for other slayer masters.


- Limited lottery to 50M per account as a max per one lottery.


- Added system engine to support music and sounds for future use.

- Easter ring and Ring of stone will now work properly.




P.S: Some things are left incomplete and will require further testing. However, if you find any bugs, you can report it quickly and they should be fixed in the part 2 update which will be coming in the next few days. That is because we are in a hurry and we want to provide you with the best updates as soon as possible.

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- You can now buy 1m coins and 5k Blood money from skilling store with skilling points.



Is this a typo? Because the picture shows that for 10 points I can get 5k?

Edited by Brad

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9 minutes ago, WillyWonka said:

Don't have option to buy BM or Coins from Alice in Edgeville. Tried relogging and restarting game aswell :/

Players reported it, and it has been removed temporarily until a suitable price is decided.

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