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Grinderscape Official Video Maker Contest!

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Hello Grinders!


     I am pleased to announce Grinderscape is hosting a video maker contest, and there are some SPICY rewards that can come with it! This contest will be held starting at the time of this thread. August 15-16, 2018, and the last eligible submissions will be at 12:00am GMT on August 25, 2018. On this day, the staff team (And also Lou) will narrow down the top 5-10 videos (depending on the amount of submissions we receive). On August 26th, we will create a poll with the best possible submissions we received for the community to vote as to which videos deserve the spotlight! We will announce winners on August 30th via the forums!

Guidelines for this contest;

1.) Create some sort of video of you partipating in some sort of content inside of Grinderscape. There are no restrictions to how this is done, and it can be just about anything. (Some examples include PKING, BOSSING, SKILLING, MERCHING, STAKING) Extra points for informational content. If you are a commentary type, it is encouraged!

2.) Upload it to YouTube, as a public video where everyone can see it. (We'd love the advertisement!)

3.) Submit the link below in the comments, and your video will be counted as an entry! (Fee) :hurr:


Now some of you may be curious as to the rewards that come along with this contest, and I will provide below what you can expect!

1st Place: Dragon Claws, 10,000 premium points

2nd Place: Kodai wand, 5,000 premium points

3rd Place: Abyssal Tenactle, 50,000 blood money

As an added bonus, Lou will provide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with the Video Maker rank for 1 week on the forums!

If this contest has spurred your interest to continue making videos for Grinderscape on YouTube, and you create more content in the (TBA amount of time) your forums rank will remain permanent, and you will also receive the YouTuber rank ingame as well! 

As a DISCLAIMER; This is not the only way you can go about receiving the Video Maker rank on the forums and ingame. Anyone passionate enough to create content is more than able to create an application Under Grinderscape Media > Video Maker Applications!

I wish everyone best of luck!

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