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Suggestions :)

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1) MultiCannon  


We should have the multicannon (Pieces) in our files, so we should add. Maybe to the participation store for about 500 points or slayer for 500 points. Or both xD 

2) Make ensouled heads give some prayer xp, making a right click option "Release" bgvyegq.png  (my crap drawing)  We don't really need to have it like osrs, it's a RSPS.


(Xp should go up in 500)

  1. Ensouled goblin head - 500 Prayer Xp
  2. Ensouled monkey head - 1,000
  3. Ensouled imp head - 1,500
  4. Ensouled minotaur head - 2,000
  5. Ensouled scorpion head - 2,500
  6. Ensouled bear head - 3,000
  7. Ensouled unicorn head - 3,500
  8. Ensouled dog head - 4,000
  9. Ensouled chaos druid head - 4,500
  10. Ensouled giant head - 5,000
  11. Ensouled ogre head - 5,500
  12. Ensouled elf head - 6,000
  13. Ensouled troll head - 6,500
  14. Ensouled horror head - 7,000
  15. Ensouled kalphite head - 7,500
  16. Ensouled dagannoth head - 8,000
  17. Ensouled bloodveld head - 8,500
  18. Ensouled tzhaar head - 9,000
  19. Ensouled demon head - 9,500
  20. Ensouled aviansie head - 10,000
  21. Ensouled abyssal head - 10,500
  22. Ensouled dragon head - 11,000

3) Remove DFS from blood money store or reduce the price, it shouldn't be 165k, maybe make it 40k.  


4) Catacombs of Kourend in future maybe? Should provide extra 10% Slayer xp or something (Stacking with the bonus xp hour) and slowly refill prayer points if you train there. 


5) Ability to create the Dark totem using  dark totem base, middle and top. This will be used to fight the Skotizo Boss.


6) Ability to charge a "Darklight" using "ancient shard" creating the Archlight Weapon. This weapon will be great against demons and the Zamorak boss at godwars.  Maybe max hits of 50-60.


7) :troll: :hurr:  pls

8 ) Shoutout to Valar, those suggestions would be great additions to GS @Valar


@Lou Grinder

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13 hours ago, MrHat said:

Agree to all.

Multi cannon though, you and I spoke about it in game. I think it should be either stuck behind a paywall or something you gotta grind hard for. To many of them everywhere will get annoying when you want to grind certain areas.

absolutely no support for adding a dwarf multi-cannon behind a paywall. It's a basic slayer and combat xp piece of equipment.

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18 hours ago, MrHat said:

It also leads to some of the most annoying “pieces of equipment” as people plop them down in areas where they have no need to. It’s great in a situation like Anz and I were in, killing a NPC no one else needs to kill or probably even thinks about killing. But when someone plops this down at Blue drags or Rock Crabs? Starts to get quite annoying.

shit happens. deal with it.

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14 hours ago, MrHat said:

That's not how things work. That's how you lose players. If everything that could be considered over powered or even just "really good" was simple to get, what would be the point of playing at all? There has to be some type of wall stopping things from being easily available. Be it a paywall or a tough grind, it keeps people in step.

This is an extremely ironic post coming from an extreme donator. I guess a paywall would suit you because you enjoy blowing loads of cash on the server. Everything is easy and simple to get already when you open up your wallet. I don't mind a grind, because that sepreates out the P2W players from the genuine ones.

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Chill, it's just a cannon lol. For now, lets just get support of everyone who wants it to be added.   

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