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Daxx's Update V1

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Hello Everyone,


The other week Lou and I decided to promote @Lil Pump to Server Supporter, he has shown to us in the beta what he is capable of and that he is worth the promotion. He will be on a 2 week trial, Congratulations mate and best of luck!


I’ve also got a few updates to update your beautiful minds. (y)


*         All the Teams have been finalised and they should be all accurate. Feel free to go check it out and see who the team members are from (In-game, Forums, Middleman, Wiki & Event). Check out the Teams on the Wiki >> HERE <<

         ( Everyone is welcome to start applying for the rank Wiki Editor located HERE)


In-game ranks;

*         All of the in-game ranks have now been added such as Content Designer, Youtuber, Bug Tester, Designer, Dicer, Wiki Editor, Ironman & Hardcore Ironman.



Social Media;

*         We’re currently in the middle of re-creating the Grinderscape Youtube Channel which we will be uploading Grinderscape Videos on there, would be much appreciated if you all Subscribed to the channel as it helps the Server out a lot! ( Will let everyone know once it’s finished )

*         The Grinderscape Facebook Page is now open and we will be trying to upload stuff on their daily and we might do some giveaways/shout outs on there as well! You can find it HERE!



*         Everyone, feel free to apply for any ranks which are on the Forums! If you need help finding where to apply for a specific rank, feel free to PM me on here or either on Discord.


I’ve made it so every staff member has their Staff Ranks as Primary so you can find the right staff member you’re looking for, as it makes it a lot easier and you know who your staff team are. It is ordered from (Forums > In-game).

Note; If a Staff Member has achieved MOTM – (Member Of The Month) & SOTM - (Signature Of The Month),  then it will be replaced as primary rank until the month is over.

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Ayyy congrats Cal, I'm sure you'll do an amazing job.
Also, it's nice to see activity picking up on here before the server's even been released.


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Thanks for all the kind words guys and a special thanks to Daxx & Lou for choosing me for the role which I can't wait to get started in!

Great updates as well, i can't wait to feature in some music videos:27_sunglasses:

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