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Forum Rank Req. [ Josh/Crotchzapper ]

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Requesting rank: Ex-Staff (Co-Owner), Ex-Staff (IGA), Vet Staff, Veteran, Respected, Graphic Designer, and Super Donator. 

Primary Rank (Yes): Respected

Proof: Rashed (Lou Grinder) - I've been around since 2008 and at a time in 2013/2014 I was the co-owner of the forums and an in-game administrator. I was a shoutbox moderator, global moderator, and in-game moderator before that time and spent a long time to achieve those ranks. There was a time where I earned my way as a respected player and re-earned it upon coming back, during those times I provided graphics that were used for Grinderscapes advertising, advertising on other official platforms with large audiences (ie, Hackforums), players signatures, an official middleman clan, and created the userbars that are still used to this day. Finally, I've donated every year from 2010-2014, and times during 2016-2018, including recently (over $200-$300 overall through all the years).

I may be asking for a lot, however, my account on the forums has been erased several times and, now that I'm active again I hope to be able to help other players, spread the graphic love, and be a role model player both on the forums and in-game. Also, my proof is Rashed (Lou Grinder), Icarly65, Zod, and any player that's been around for many of the years between 2008 and now. 


@Lou Grinder



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