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.-_.-_.-_. (*) MINIGAME WEDNESDAY (*) .-_.-_.-_.

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I hereby declare each Wednesday to be known as minigame Wednesday!
All are invited!

When: Every Wednesday 5:30PM to 10PM Central time (-6:00)
Where: Meet at home bank by the round table
What to bring: Combat gear & a rare if you have one to show off your minigame style :P
Why: Make new friends; minigames are a fun community building event

5:30PM: A server wide announcement and party will start  before the event to attract as many players as possible.
5:45PM A giveaway will be held for all in attendance (PM ME ON FORUMS TO DONATE TO THE GIVEAWAY & INCREASE POSSIBLE ATTENDANCE)
6PM      A quick vote will be held to determine the minigame we play
We will change minigames when people get bored, or if everyone wants to hop into a game of hunger games, or weapon minigame.

Don't miss out! Xp can wait!

Photos of past events will be posted each week below
Including a group photo taken before the giveaway at 5:45PM

Join the Minigame Wednesday forum club!


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