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Wilderness shop

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Wilderness shop basically made abyssal demons and barrows pointless. Barrows items should be removed from the store so that there is a purpose to actually playing barrows minigame. Whips should also only be dropped by abyssal demons.

Gmauls, ancient staves, rcbow, obby neck, d gloves, and d scim should be in the pure store.

You might also consider having gmauls onyl be dropped by gargoyles

The overall mindset should be to make as many drops feel valuable as possible, and right now things like dlegs, barrows gloves, gmauls, and even dds and dscims, etc etc etc, are free because theyre so common. There is honestly just too much gp in the game to have an economy for anything below lvl 70, so atleast make lvl 70+ and spec weapons as valuable as possible. Rev drops are just another example of how everything has no value and how 90% of the drops you get from player dont feel rewarding or good because theyre treated like bronze shortswords.

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Absolutely, agree I no longer personal see why I barrows is a necessity now I can just get bm from skilling or revs for barrows items and whip I can say it's okay for now it well help new players with bossing or pvm, etc. so keep that their just raise it's bm price. gmaul are most pure items so should be in pure shop. but overall you made some good points if the sever is to further growth things need to be tweaked a bit.     

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