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Dk's lair Bug

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I'll be listing few bug including the old ones and new ones that i discover recently.

1.Stuck in mid air-If we click on the ladder when we are far away from the ladder instead of beside the ladder it have a chance to let us stuck mid air.

2.Being attacked on other lair by previous lair npcs-When we go on to the next lair/dungeon sometimes the npc on the previous lair/dungeon still can attack us regardless being stucked in mid air or not.(when u start walking away they don't attack you anymore)

3.Using the ladder may occur force DC-I found out that when i use the ladder in the dungeon,after my character use it ( means my screen was switch from lair1 to lair2 ) if i perform like a fast click or double click or spam click,it may have a chance to force player DC. Not sure how it works tho but this is what happened to me and that is what i am doing that time.

4.Boss lair bug-1.One is when i go down to the boss area (i am in the last lair which have dags and rock lobster) it have a chance tele me to a black area out of nowhere.Picture are posted                                         down below.

                            2.The other one is when i am inside the boss lair(i am in the boss area) i go up the ladder and it have a chance to let me go to a completely npcless area(still is the boss                                            lair) but i am still being attacked.This means that i am in a clean dag king lair with no vision of dks and spinolyps but still being attacked by something but luckily still                                              manage to use the ladder and go back to the top layer of the dungeon.               

1st picture is the one where i go to a black area

2nd picture is the 2nd boss lair bug map.Just like this,no boss,no npc just a clean map and you still being attacked.(Didn't manage to take a screenshot of it because now every time i go in i will have these bug stated above like force dc and black area so you guys can try it yourself)

If you know somemore bug about dagannothkings feel free to comment below so DEVS can just see this post and know alot about it instead of testing themselves and asking Staff & Player.

@Lou Grinder



dk bug 1.png


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