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Today is the day I will be stepping down from all my positions at Grinderscape. I have rekindled relationships with truly great great people during my time back at Grinderscape, for that I am grateful. I have also uncovered people who are truly fake to this day. It's really disappointing to see this and make the experience here very negative. Currently there are too many issues to count on the server to personally enjoy it. ( coming from someone who has close to most time in game and has been playing since beta.) And no the issue is not that it is a new server and that it will magically get better with time. The game lacks the true Grinderscape feel. I have spoken with several veterans and they have all told me they feel the same way about the server. The focus of development is not currently in the correct direction. After the first release the game was put into a plateau within the first month. Once you have killed every boss and gotten every item you desire and max there wasn't really much for players to do. Without any other form of entertainment or real content the game quickly became a bank standing simulator. This caused players to chase staff ranks by kissing as much ass as they possibly could and being quickly rewarded.   The forums and wiki were quickly forgotten about and development slowly came to a once a month thing with the server nulling every 3-4 days since release. 

As a member of the staff team since the beta decisions made by the team never felt like everyones voice was heard or high positioned staff members were treated correctly. If your entire staff team agrees that a member should be removed from the team but your favoritism towards that person keeps them in their position something is wrong with that. The was the issue with Tarquin that took months to resolve which should have been handled within a day. Every updated has seemed very rushed and does not feel like it has had proper testing. 

sigh I could go on and on but at Grinderscape your voice is never heard unless you are kissing as much ass as possible.


- vutr

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3 minutes ago, Ron said:

Peace dude. Definitely like you now that you are real. Bye. ❤️

what does that even mean?


Edited by vutr

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