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Lou Grinder

Yell Customizer | Xmas Theme | Ghrazi Rapier!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a major bug caused players to null.

- Reduced bonus rare items reward from thieving stalls.

- Reduced Thieving skill XP by 50%.

- Removed rare drops announcements for non-rare items.

- Fixed a small typo in slayer task completion.

- Doubled slayer task GP reward.

- Removed muddy & crystal keys drop from several easy NPCs.

- Overall XP's nerfed by 30%.

- Yell tab works show yell chat only now.


- Emojis parsing is redone to have significantly better performance.

- Emojis sized down to 14px height to match message line height.

- Emojis menu appearance adjusted to match new emoji sizes.

- A bug where pressing any button (yes, no, or close) on the “Are you sure you want to close this window?” dialog would still close the client (and leave the player logged in) should be fixed.

- Split private chat, chat effects, and mouse button saved settings will now load properly.

- Interface component hovering detection is redone to be more seamless.

- Split private chat messages no longer display a second shadow sometimes.

- Mouse X and Mouse Y will now update when scroll wheel dragging (was noticeable if you dragged your scroll wheel while initially hovering over a menu action like an item action).

- Price checker scrollbar fixed.

- Price checker “ You have no items in the price checker to remove." message will now only show when clicking the withdraw all button, and when there are no items in the price checker.

- Special attack state is now sent whenever special attack state is changed (changes the special attack orb).

- Varrock armors’ equipment types fixed to fix clipping bugs.

- Double ring charges were reset to 500 when your ring would break before, changed to 250 as it is supposed to be.

- XP drop amounts fixed for thieving skill.

- Monkey guards in Ape Atoll fixed.

- Fixed a slayer task reward completion message typo.

- Fixed duel arena causing players to become nulled.



- Added new items in the random commands event:
* Sandworms
* Dragon Bones
* Dragon bolts
* Nature runes
* Granite armor
* Super combat potions

- Added Xmas background theme, music, and in-game effects:
* Snowy floor and Snowy game screen have been temporarily added for the holiday season.
* They are each toggleable in the advanced settings interface.
* Credit for the client background goes to @Alex!

- Added several more sounds for buttons clicking in the client.

- Message line splitting overhaul:
* Now supports game, public, private, split private, clan, and yell chat messages.
* Works perfectly with emojis/colors/images.
* Retains color and shadow on the split line.
* Significantly better performance.


- Added Yell Customizer feature:
* A complete new system design to support color picking.
* Available to donators only.
* You can configure your title name, title color, name color, and your message color.


- Menu actions (Add friend, ignore, message, etc) should now be completely accurate under any circumstances even with split messages.

- Clan and yell chat messages now have menu actions.

- Spacing/appearance made more accurate to OSRS.

- Button hover and click regions now accurate and in sync.

- Gameframe overhaul:
* Client on the fixed mode now works perfectly.
* Client on resizable mode should work fluently.
* Chat buttons position changed to match OSRS more accurately.
* XP Counter/ Orbs / World Map appearance and position match OSRS more accurately.
* Notifications appearance and position changed.
* Fixed notifications covering logout button in the resizable mode with stones stacked.
* Face north/ XP Counter / Orbs / Notifications / World Map click/ Hover regions to match OSRS accurately.
* Run/Prayer orb now respond client side to clicks in addition to an existing server-side response like OSRS.
* All XP drop icons now use the same exact icons, just scaled to different sizes (before small ones used entirely different icons).


- Ghrazi Rapier added in blood money store for 950k.


- Mystery box interface appearance changed slightly.

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