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[ Name ] Event Host Application

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Welcome to my Event Team Application!



In-game Name(s): Ascending 

Timezone: GMT +1 (The Netherlands)

Discord: Ascending#7587

Will you be active within the Event Team?: Yes I will be active in the Event Team

How much do you play per day?: I play 5 hours average per day, since Christmas is around the corner I will be online even more.

Why should we accept you into the Event Team?: I have a lot of good ideas for events in mind, and I think its a nice idea to bring back the events to the GrinderScape comminity.

Do you have prior experience in hosting events?: I do have experience with hosting events before on different servers. Like I said before I have plenty of good ideas aswell bringing back old events.


Thank you for taking the time to read my application!


Ascending / Pim

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I like to see the ambition you're showing and that you're having a goal which is providing content to players by hosting events in-game as on forums.



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