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The Race Event 24-12-2018

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Hello Community of GrinderScape!

  •    As I am recently being promoted to Event Manager I will be hosting the first event called "The Race"!
  • Because it is close to Christmas the rewards that are being given will be in the theme of Christmas.

           - Event Information -


  • When will the Event start?
  • The Event will start on 24th of December till the 7th of January 2019
  • What is the Event?
  • The Event is to reach close to max or being maxed in the 2 weeks that are given.
  • Requirements
  • A fresh level 3 account with "Race" in front of your username for example Race Ascending 



  • First place shall receive: Full Santa Set with Santa Hat!
  • Second place shall receive: A Sled and a pair of Dragon Claws!
  • Third place shall receive: A sled and 150m in-game gp!


  • Rules
  • No trading money/items from other accounts to your Race account!
  • All "Race" accounts will be checked. If you get caught trading items over you will be disqualified from this Event!
  • - NO TRADING, All items have to be earned by yourself (Boss Drops etc)


How do we choose the winner?

  • The winner will be chosen by total level so the 3 with the highest total level at the end wins!



May the best person wins!

Little bonus! - Last day of Race Event you will do a deathmatch @ Wild Resource Area, the last man standing will get bragging rights!

- The Event Team -

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3 hours ago, Josh said:

This is a really cool idea, I'm diggin' it. We're talking about skills as well eh, it's gonna be a crazy one! :)

Yes skills aswell :)

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