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Lou Grinder

Happy New Year 2019 [GrinderScape]

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Yep, we made it all the way here! 2018 was a big year of change for server and even more changes are coming in 2019. Hope it’s a happy and healthy one for you all.


A big thank you to all the players and staff for staying in this awesome community. In March 2019, Grinderscape will hit a record of being online for 11 years! Inattention to all players and staff,  we appreciate each and every one of you.


Looking forward to hearing for the future updates? There are a lot of updates that should be coming in 2019, I will try to list some of them.


  • Game modes (Classic, Ironman, HCIM - with unique highscores rankings)
  • Automatic dicing system
  • RAIDS 1 & 2
  • Construction skill
  • Player Title System
  • Clanchat Lootshare
  • Pest Control
  • Castle Wars
  • Clan Wars (When we reach 150+ Players)
  • Inferno Minigame
  • Vorkath
  • Redo Pk System & Add Tournaments
  • Redo RuneCrafting, Agility, Slayer, and Hunter skill.
  • Add Duo Slayer
  • Pet Insurance
  • Guide Book
  • Cannon System / Chinchompas system support
  • Boss Contract Shop
  • Daily login Streak system
  • 50+ New Tasks
  • Spellbook Sorting
  • Barrows Degrading System
  • In-Game Highscores
  • NPC Killtracker

See you all soon :)

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These updates look pretty 🌶️. Looking forward to the raids and the dicing system. Slayer overhaul will be nice as well. Can't say I hate the ability to pick and choose my slayer task though.

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I'm replying to this thread because I think more people should see what's in store for future updates. This is incredible that all of these are on the line for this year's 'production', this is the era of Grinderscapes return, 2019 will be one for the ages. :)

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