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[ Mt851 ] Official Middleman Application

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In-game Name(s): Mt851

Age: 25

Timezone: Eastern US

Will you be active?: yes

How much do you usually play per day?: I normally log in around 6-7 in the evening and stay online until midnight or past midnight, so approximately 5-6 hours. These hours change on the weekends and will start earlier/later depending on schedule.

Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I've been involved with Grinderscape for years. I've donated multiple times and continue to love to see the community grow and to help find issues and resolve issues where possible. I've never broken a rule or received an infraction. I've committed way too much time to this game to even think of being a dishonest player.

Any other information: I'm a pretty mature guy...I've graduated from college and have a 5-9 job as a software developer for a fortune-100 company and I'm married. I mention these things because I think that trust-worthy and hard-working individuals can achieve these things. Being a middlemen requires maturity and professionalism to a certain degree, and I've dealt with handling rsgp and have been in the gambling community for quite a while, so I have the knowledge. If steps need to be taken for verification or rules need to be followed to track statistics or validate a player's ability to be involved in a trade or whatever, I'll take the time to accomplish those things. My account may be new on the new grinderscape, but my soul is old for grinderscape, I promise you that.

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