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[ Mt851 ] Event Host Application

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In-game Name(s):






Will you be active within the Event Team?: 


How much do you play per day?:

a few hours at least

Why should we accept you into the Event Team?:

I love to organize things and I know how to gather people. I have a few different ideas on some events I think a lot of people would really appreciate. One of those ideas is a duel arena tournament, but everyone is boxing or ddsing. Winner gets something. I'd love to host some races and maybe some scavenger hunts. I'll explain the scavenger hunt in the prior experience section.

Do you have prior experience in hosting events?:

In old grinderscape I was always doing hide n seeks and trivias, goodie bags and all that jazz. You can only do so much when you have to give away your own bank haha. In the past I would have people be in specific places that gives out clues to the next person when the participants get to them. The last guy will have some award to hand out. Those are just a couple ideas, but maybe I could talk with the devs about coding some events in. I used to code mini-games into server in the past. One of the mini-games I was proudest of was a christmas event that required you to collect snowballs that spawn in random places on a mountain, and use them on a demonous santa and try to keep him at bay (no safe-spots) so he doesn't kill you. When you completed the task you'd earn christmas points based on how fast it took you, and there was a custom store that accepted those points to win neat christmas themed items. It was pretty fun haha. I'd love to think of new event ideas and use old ideas that have worked in the past as well. 

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