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The Big Grinderscape Quiz Event

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Hello people of Grinderscape! 

This weekends event will test your knowledge of Grinderscape as it will be a quiz based event!
Everything you'll need to know about this event will be listed below. Enjoy!

Pre-meet up for the event will be at Camelot castle and the event will be held at Falador party room (the dicing area). The event will be announced over yell closer to the time and whenever i'm on before said event so be on the look out for that!

Date and Times (GMT+0);
Event Date: 16/02/2019 or 02/16/2019
 Pre-event meet up: 17:45pm 
Last call: 18:05
Event Start: 18:15-:18:20pm
Use this link to work out your timezone --> http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

1st place: full set of ancient boots (Prims, Pegs, Eternal)
2nd place: Dragon claws OR Abyssal Bludgeon.
3rd place: Kodai Wand.

Event Explanation;
Round 1: Everyone will be allowed to answer to try and qualify for round 2.

Round 2: This round will consist of the top 10 players from the previous rounds questioning.
Each player will need to obtain 5 points to qualify for the final round.
first 3 players to obtain 5 points will be in the final each correct answer will be 1 point.

Final round: The final round will be the same as the previous round but the questions will be a little harder.

1) No spamming answers. answer the question with a single answer ONCE.
2) No flaming or foul language. 
3) listen to the event host (myself) and follow the instructions given
4) Do not answer a question if you are out of the running for that round (including already qualified players)

If you break any of the rules listed above you will be blacked listed for the next event depending on the severity of the rule broken.

As always if anyone would like to donate to the event and future event, message me in-game whenever i'm on or Discord @livingwonder.
more donations means more prizes and more events!
If donations are made they will be added to the prize pool and i will update this page with more prizes.


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