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GrinderScapes PvP Tournament

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Alright guys so for a bit of a laugh and some incentive we thought it would be a great idea to stage a PvP tournament in game!

Now this is just for a laugh, so all fights will be conducted at the FunPK minigame so that no-one loses their hard earned gear! However! We are also collecting for a prize fund for the winner to claim, something smaller for 2nd and a runner up prize for the winner of the 3rd place match! If you wish to donate to this please contact me in game and as of writing this post, the prize fund is currently standing at approximately 5b in game value and growing! Once the prize pool is fully completed i will upload a picture for you all to see!


Moving on we are looking at requiring 16 candidates in total to complete this tourney, 4 rounds of single 1v1 fighting, knockout style, to determine the winner and runners up! 

We are looking at hosting this weekend, @ 17:00 gmt +0 if we get all signups by tomorrow! However is not we can extend to next weekend Sat 23rd, to allow time for enough signups. 

This is primarily a NoHonour Style fighting bracket, however you can use whatever setup you like! ~Just don't expect others to match your style!

The only rules for this tournament:

1. No Void or Elite Void (We'd like to see some actual PKing, not a helmet and weapon switch lol)

2. No Teaming (if anyone interrupts the match on your behalf by attacking someone, you will be disqualified)

3. Thammarons Sceptre and Sanguinesti Staff (charged items) are Banned! You can still use them, just not the charged spells. This is to make it fair for everyone!

4. Goes without saying be on time! The tournament will not wait for you, we will be using a generator on the day for matchups, if you're not here by the time your match is supposed to start, you will be disqualified!

5. Guess the most important is to have fun!!

Good Luck To All Who Wish To Participate!!!

Names of Candidates will Appear Here. Please Respond to This Thread to Enter!!! To make it fair for all this is a first come first serve basis, the first 16 will be picked, however if we get more we shall add you to a side pool and see if we can figure it out to suit!!

1. DLearious

2. Legends

3. Danes

4. Druids

5. Pepega

6. Blake

7. Dreamzz

8. Lisa

9. Zod

10. Robin

11. Keelow

12. NoType

13. Akoumari




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i wont be partaking in this event but good-luck everyone who is taking part! i might make a surprise appearance in a different form :hurr:

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