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[ Nevarykit ] Official Middleman Application

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In-game Name(s): Nevarykit/Montis.

Age: 22.

Timezone: GMT +2 (Europe, Lithuania).

Will you be active?: For sure, I've had an Official Middleman post at the past, so I really know, that this position requires to be active, like to be a big part in the community.

How much do you usually play per day?: I work on myself now, so I have like lots of free time, which I like to spend in GrinderScape, cause I just got back here, after a break, and i feel very big nostalgy being here again.

Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I am really loyal part of GrinderScape, im here from early ~2009. I can say, that from start of the project. Actually, I did some brakes, but, you know, life is changing, things are changing, so every person has some problems which can stop your way. Now I am back with new "power" and I really want to get back to the official middleman post, I really liked to help people here doing trades etc., I am so helpful in real, I just feel pleasure to help others. I love GrinderScape, and  I hope you will remember me and help me to be a special part of Grinder again! 

Any other information: I had really many screenshots of the past, when I was applying for this post, but it was really early, so, I haven't saved them. I found just like duel arena wins screenshots, and some jokes from the past.

Thank you for your time, I hope you will understand me and take a right solution.

With regards,


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