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Mikey's adventure on GrinderScape

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Hello and welcome to my thread about my goals that I want to achieve while playing GrinderScape.
I will try to update the thread every 2-3 weeks, making a new thread and adding Update #x at the end.

I will start on a brand new account lvl 3 without anything. Ingame name Mikey V2

There are some rules I have come up for myself to make it more interesting.

The rules are:
1. No accepting any donations.
2. No gambling in any way for my own benefit.
3. I can participate in giveaways but if I win I have to give it back to the community.

So the goal list begins:

1. Get 99 in all 22 available skills [ ]

2. Get 3000 participation points [ ]

3. Own atleast 1 partyhat set (Every partyhat ingame that is possible to get) [ ]

4. Own atleast 1 halloween mask set (Every h'ween ingame that is possible to get)

5. Own atleast 1 Twisted bow [ ]

6. Own atleast 1 set of Jordans (Primordial boots, Eternal boots, Pegasian boots) [ ]

7. Own atleast 1 set of spirit shields (Arcane, Elysian, Spectral) [ ]

8. Get all possible Skilling & PVM Boss pet [ ]

9. Own a max set for each combat type (Melee, Range, Magic) [ ]

10. Achieve 200 000 000 exp in all 22 available skills [ ]
Attack [ ]
Strength [ ]
Defence [ ]
Ranged [ ]
Prayer [ ]
Magic [ ]
Runecrafting [ ] 
Hitpoints [ ]
Agility [ ]
Herblore [ ]
Thieving [ ]
Crafting [ ]
Fletching [ ] 
Slayer [ ]
Hunter [ ]
Mining [ ]
Smithing [ ]
Fishing [ ]
Cooking [ ]
Firemaking [ ]
Woodcutting [ ]
Farming [ ]

11. Get 1 000 000 Blood money [ ]

12. Own a max cash stack (2147m) [ ]

So that is pretty much it for the starting part of my road :P!
While doing this I'm pretty sure I will add some more goals to the list!
Until next time! Thanks for your time reading this!



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This sounds like a good adventure, good luck on your road to this achievement! I cant wait to see some updates to this.

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Yo that's a big achievements which require so much patient, I only want to wish you all the best completing this!

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Sounds fun! good luck on ur adventure! wish you all of the luck to get everything done bro :D And remember to kniel voor Zod!!

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Damn, nice goals! Really looking forward to the updates, perhaps you can do a quicker progress showing? You can screenshot stats or something to show what you've done :P


Good luck and see u on gs ❤️

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