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Announcement Spam.

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Hi I came back to check in on this server and it is still riddled with announcement spam? Like, in the past 5 minutes I do not care about the following:


- Someone won an afro from thieving

- Someone killed Zulrah

- Someone got some points for a daily login

- Someone got some money from a thieving task

- Someone got some points from a thieving task

- Someone recieved 4 participation points from thieving????

- Someone got a rare drop from a Werewolf?

Like honestly what is this, announcementscape? Turn them ALL OFF or at least cut down on them because right now it just looks insanely trashy that I'm being notified that someone got a monk's robe top (g) from a thieving store. It legit just gets spammy as hell if a couple of guys are thieving. Sort it out ffs.

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